What should I look for in a good Radon reduction system?


  Good System

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Good System:

· Full standards compliance
· Discharges vertically above roof line
· Discharges 10' away or 2' above openings
· Discharges 10' above ground
· Discharges above higher roof line
· Rubber padded brackets
· Exterior water proof switch near fan
· Fan sized for peak efficiency
· Aesthetically pleasing
· Aluminum downspout used to match home
· No horizontal piping
· Extremely quiet
· Hydrosep installed to protect fan
· End of discharge fitted with ¼" screen to keep out animals or debris

Bad System

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Bad System:

· 13 violations of standards on exterior alone!
· Discharge not above roof
· Discharge horizontal
· Discharge not ten feet above ground
· Discharge near window and front door (500-1000 pCi/L)
· Fan size marginal. Is the home mitigated to its lowest possible Radon level and kept there? NO!
· PVC pipe used for discharge
· No screen protection
· No hydrosep protection
· Very noisy!
· Not aesthetically pleasing
· Would you want this on the side of your home?