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Water Remediation FAQ’s

When it comes to sump pits, bigger is better. You want to have a sump pit large enough to use a pump with a tethered float switch. That will allow a reasonable amount of water to accumulate before the pump should run.
With any sump pump installation, American Scientific & Environmental Consulting will also provide a view plate on the lid. This allows homeowners to view the sump, and what’s inside as they need.
The most common issues with sumps would be the sump pit is too small, and isn’t allowing the float switch to power on. The second most common issue with sumps is electrical in nature. Either way, American Scientific & Environmental Consulting can assist in making sure the sump is working properly.
A French drain is a near-surface drainage system that is designed to increase the overall infiltration of the surrounding area and is used primarily to fix wet yard problems. The system consists of an excavation approximately 8 to 16 inches deep, a filter fabric lining, a 2-inch base of gravel, a 4-inch perforated pipe with protective fabric, and gravel surrounding the perforated pipe. All collected water will be directed to a designated spot away from the home.

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