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Mold Abatement

We are capable of demolition to any area of the house/property with proper containment and ventilation to spray and treat the mold with nontoxic fungicide.

The remediation of mold should always be taken care of by a certified, knowledgeable professional.

Once mold has been sprayed with any cleaning agent, it attempts to reproduce by sending off spores in the millions- hence why it is so important to call a certified, knowledgeable professional to mitigate.

If mold is an issue, American Scientific & Environmental Consulting will tent off the entire work space, with plastic – a material mold cannot get through.

Once the area is properly contained, we will set up a hepa filter, which will pull all air in and trap all mold spores that would be flying around otherwise, in one of its air filters.

This ensures that mold spores are not flying freely throughout the home, and don’t have an opportunity to contaminate other parts of the house.

  • We use a nontoxic, environmentally friendly fungicide, which kills all mold spores, bacteria, viruses and is EPA (environmental protection agency) registered.
  • Once mitigation of the mold is complete, American Scientific & Environmental Consulting will then test to make sure the job was done right.

We will also provide a certificate of remediation to guarantee the levels of mold for six months- assuming there are no future leaks or ways for moisture to get in.

This warranty is fully transferable, and will be provided within three business days of mitigation.

Why does mold come back after treatment?

The surface that mold is growing on is critical to understanding the best way to kill it.

Mold has a “root-like” system growing called mycelium. This is the actual body of the plant.

It releases enzymes that dissolve organic material and cellulose and convert it to useful sugars and minerals to provide food for the plant.

Cleaners that do not penetrate into the surfaces and kill the mycelium do not kill the mold. They only kill the spore casings (“flower”) and the mold grows back.

ASEC uses special nontoxic fungicides with enzymes designed to penetrate specific surfaces: wood, grout, concrete, drywall, etc.

When we are done, the mold is dead, not temporarily set back.

“I was absolutely pleased with the work ASEC provided. Gregory was very thorough with the work done. He was very professional with his demeanor and actions doing the job.”

Mike H.

American Scientific & Environmental Consulting

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