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Mold Testing

Mold Testing – Mold testing can be done in a variety of different ways, but at American Scientific & Environmental Consulting we choose to use live culture mold tests.

These tests will determine which mold spores are living, and will affect the health of the residents of the home, compared to testing for both live and dead spores.

Mold is inevitable in homes, but we can help homeowners get their mold levels indoors, to the levels which are outdoors.

We will come to the house/property to set up live culture petri dish tests in each suspected area, with one test being outside, as well.

  • Testing the outside is done, so we can compare the inside to the outside.
  • Outside air will always get into the house.

This testing usually takes around one hour and we charge $30 a petri dish, and a one-time fee of $60 for the lab analysis.

Within seven business days, a lab report will be provided, with how many live spores we found indoors compared to outdoors.

We provide moisture testing in areas needed, as well.

With our moisture detector, we can determine behind drywall if there is any moisture, and that is usually a very good indicator of if there will be mold.

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Explanation of Mold Testing/Pricing

American Scientific & Environmental Consulting uses live culture mold tests, due to the fact they show exactly what types of mold are live spores, compared to both live and dead spores.

For testing: ASEC will show up to the property, and place petri dishes in every room of the building – requested by the homeowner.

To get an accurate reading, ASEC will need to also place a petri dish outside, because that’s how we determine the ambient level of each individual home.

This comparison allows us to determine if the mold indoors is higher than outdoors, and needs to be treated.

  • Each petri dish will need to sit for one hour.
  • After the open hour, ASEC will bring the tests to incubate and within a week, results will be provided.
  • If the tests are high, mitigation of the mold will be suggested.

If mitigation is provided, every homeowner is guaranteed a healthy living environment for six months, with a fully transferrable warranty.

To test, each petri dish is $30, as well as a $60 one-time lab fee.

Please remember, when testing, one test will need to be conducted outside.

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