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Radon Mitigation

There are multiple ways to mitigate a property which include: crawl space depressurization, sub slab depressurization, sump depressurization, and sub slab and sub membrane depressurization which is the most common in Colorado.

The average time it takes to mitigate a home is around four hours, some jobs being less, some more.

For most mitigations, we core drill a hole in the foundation of the home, about 4” in diameter.

This allows us to dig out two 5-gallon buckets of dirt underneath the foundation creating a void underneath the foundation.

  • That void is what helps the fan build up pressure.
  • The bigger the void the better the results.

We plumb with schedule 40 PVC pipe from the suction point to the outside of the home or the garage and into the attic, where a radon fan is then connected.

If there are any vertical runs in the plumbing, we will insulate the pipe so we don’t get any ice build-up.

Having ice inside the system will affect the systems performance. 

A monometer is attached to the plumbing in the basement or in the garage, so homeowners can easily read how much pressure is being pulled through the system.

The monometer will also let you know the fan is running.  

When we mount the radon fan outside on the exterior of the home, we run downspout up past the roofline of the home.

Always making sure we follow all codes so we don’t end up re-contaminating the house with radon gas.

The radon levels that are coming out the exhaust are 500 to 1000 times greater than the radon levels inside the home.

  • The downspout can be painted upon request, to match the exterior of the home.
  • When we plumb through the garage and into the attic.
  • We will exhaust with PVC through the roof.
  • We will cut the hole through the roof and set the roof jack.

We also give a 10-year warranty on that penetration through the roof.

In the case that the home has a crawl space, we will run 3-inch perforated pipe around the entire perimeter of the crawl space.

  • We do this so we have a constant flow of air.
  • We also do it to help dry out any of the moisture that comes in under the footer wall.
  • We then seal the entire crawl space with 6” mil- cross polymer thread plastic, and glue it to the wall. So that we have an air tight seal.

If you don’t have an air tight seal, the system will start pulling the inside heat through the system.

In unfinished basements, we will seal all cracks and floor to wall joints with polyurethane, which will reduce the amount of radon rising, as well as help ensure the fan is only pulling air from beneath the foundation.

This also helps homeowners save $300-$500 on their heating and cooling bill throughout the year.

"Gregory is awesome. He did our radon mitigation in a timely, professional and honest manner. He is also reasonably priced. I highly recommend ASEC.

Francesca B.

American Scientific & Environmental Consulting guarantees the radon levels to be below 4.0 pci/l once mitigation is complete, and each system has a lifetime warranty.

After each install, we leave a AirChek 2-4-day test kit to ensure the levels have dropped.

If current homeowners decide to sell the property, the warranty is fully transferable, and still honorable.

We will deduct $50 off every radon system installation done on a home with children living in the residence under 4 years of age
We offer a senior discount - $50 off radon mitigation system installation for clients 60 years of age and older

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