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Radon Testing

Initial Radon Testing

American Scientific & Environmental Consulting is happy to provide initial testing, as well as post mitigation testing.

We provide Air Chek 2-4-day short term test kits, that go directly to the Air Chek laboratory upon mailing.

Results will be provided the evening Air Chek receives the test.

American Scientific & Environmental Consulting will be happy to provide one of these tests to those interested, for $50 dollars.

While dropping off the test kit, a free estimate will be provided to homeowners so they can prepare for mitigation should the results be high.

If mitigation is needed, the $50 initially used to purchase the test will be used as a credit towards mitigation, saving each homeowner money!

If you’d like to order a test and schedule a time for drop off, please call (303) 774-6532 or email!

Air Chek 2-4 Day Radon Air Test Kit Instructions

Preparing the test kit:

First step, cut open plastic wrap- ensuring you don’t cut the cardboard.

Remove the test.

Fill in NAME, ADDRESS, CITY STATE ZIP, AND EMAIL portions on test. This will provide results. If an email is provided, you will receive results the same evening when they receive the test in the mail.

Important -Fill out start time and start date. Round the start time to the nearest hour. Circle the day of the month on the left-hand side in which the test was initiated.

Fill out temperature section- and give +/- 5 degrees, if applicable.

Fill out what floor level was tested in home – it is strongly recommended to test in the lowest livable area in the home (usually basement.) If this test is for a real estate transaction, it is recommended to test in the lowest part of the home that can be converted to living space.

Ensure you maintain closed house conditions and circle yes on this section. If closed house conditions are not maintained during the entire duration of the test, results may not be accurate.

Were the crawl space vents closed? – if applicable- they need to be. Circle yes.

Circle if you are testing for the first time or post mitigation.

Shannon W.

“Gregory was able to get the work done fast for a property I was selling. Good price and good work. I'm using him again for another property.”

Shannon W.

Setting up the test kit:

Next step is to prepare the kit to be exposed.

Flip the test kit upside down and press firmly on sides of the kit.

Push down paper insert making an opening in the cardboard.

Lift the kit, and hang it on an interior wall like the instructions state. (There is a hook to hang it on- make sure the paper opening is facing DOWN.)

Leave it for at least 2 days, and no longer than 4 days.


Preparing test kit to be sent to laboratory:

Once you’ve exposed your test kit for the 2-4-day period, remove it from where it is hanging. Remove and discard the brown paper insert by pulling on the tab (from the side that was facing down.)

Turn kit upside down, and carefully fold the top flap of the kit down. Remove white adhesive strip, and discard the strip.

Lift the flap, and firmly press from the center to the outside edges. Ensure it is tightly sealed.


Important - Next, record the end time and date. Once again, round up to the nearest hour for the end time. Ensure the test was exposed for 2-4 days, and circle the end date on the right-hand side. Cut off plastic hook before mailing.

Drop it in the post office box, with proper postage.

If you want or require quicker test results, FedEx or Ups will also work, if mailed to:

Radon Laboratory

1936 Butler Bridge Road

Mills River, NC 28759


Please keep in mind, FedEx and UPS do NOT deliver to PO boxes- as listed on the test kit. Proper FedEx and UPS shipping methods will need to be made.

Radon Testing – Radon testing is very important for homeowners to consider, especially in the state of Colorado.

The state average of radon levels is 6.8 pci/l, with 4.0 pci/l and below falling into healthy living range.

Not only do one out of three houses test high for radon, it is an invisible gas that can be detrimental to the health of those who reside there.

American Scientific & Environmental Consulting knows the importance of a test that is conducted properly, and because of that knowledge, we will come to your house to set up a radon test kit, and provide a free estimate- assuming the levels will be high.

We use AirChek’s 2-4-day charcoal radon tests, which are analyzed in their lab, not ours.

These kits provide accurate results, quick results, and are easy to install and take down.

Within seven business days of starting the test, a result will be provided.

The EPA recommends getting radon mitigation done if the levels of the home read 4.0 pci/l or above.

If you schedule a mitigation with us, the $50 you spent to purchase the test will be put towards the mitigation cost.

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