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Water Remediation

Water Remediation – We have the tools to install sump pumps, French drains, and perimeter drains.

The goal of water remediation on a property is to move the water from the foundation of the house, or nearby, to a spot further away from the property.

This helps to reduce the chances of mold becoming an issue in a home, as well as helping maintain no leaks or water seepage.

  • Sump pumps can be installed in a variety of places.
  • The basement, a window well or in a crawl space.

Sump pumps are designed to kick on when the water table has risen enough.

The sump will then push the water up and out of the house. French drains can also be another way to mitigate a water issue.

Cutting the concrete all the way around the perimeter of the basement. So that we can dig a canal big enough to fit perforated pipe. Then we fill most of it back in with pea gravel and cement it back.

The most important thing is making sure you have a down-wards slope towards your sump.

That way you don’t get any water build up. Perimeter drains can also be very effective. Digging a trench around the outside of the home so we can lay perforated pipe. Again, filling it in with pea gravel and then putting all the soil back over the top.

This was a three-day project.

There was so much moisture underneath the foundation of the entire home that we added a second sump pit, tore out all the drywall, and treated the entire basement for mold.

The customers were pleased to know American Scientific & Environmental Consulting knew how to handle this problem, and within days, felt healthier.

This was a fun job. After we set up our containment, we carefully demolished the bathroom.

We had to hammer drill all tiling, including the shower and bathtub to be able to treat the entire space with fungicide.

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